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The following co-ed teams have registered with the USARA National Ranking System. A team must be registered before results are posted for an event to receive ranking points. If your team has not registered, register now!

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Page 1 of 79, items 1 to 10 of 784
Strong Machine AR PortlandMECliff White, Kate WhiteEvan Moreshead, Rick Keilty, Kit Vreeland, Amanda Martin, Tom Martin, Glen Lewis30.00
untamed new england kingstonNHdave lamb, Jason UrckfitzCorinne Farrel, Mindy Fernando, Michelle Hobson, Jeff Woods, Erik Grimm, Joe Brautigam28.00
Rib Mountain Racing WausauWITim Buchholz, Anna NummelinErik Martinez, Ryan Knitter, Andrea Larson, Ellen Humberston, Terry Gibbs15.00
Team K√ľat/Alpine Shop Fair GroveMOJason Bettis, Jeff SonaAshley O'Reilly, Carrie Sona, Emily Korsch, Scott Erlandson, Bob Billings, Diane Diebold15.00
Unplugged Adventures West Des MoinesIAJon VanDis, Eric HartDawn Westrum14.00
Team Lupine Racing USA WestminsterCOJason Zorilla, Rick SchnellEric Olsen, Michele Ericcson, Jitka O'Farrell, Dan Ziegler, Sarah Dallman13.00
Orange Lederhosen Saint JosephMODerrick Boos, Emma GossettSheldon Thompson, Kyle Boos, Greg Goat, Joel Gerhardt12.00
Element E PewaukeeWIBrian Curry, Barb Curry  
Y.E.R.T. - Sufferfest NW BendORBen Brewer, Erin HatlestadDarren Steinbach, Thom Ruett, Ashley Perry, Kevin Tucker, Dean Prudhomme 
#3BikeMoms WoodstockGATeri Lynn, Rachel WitkiewiczAmy Heerema