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The following co-ed teams have registered with the USARA National Ranking System. A team must be registered before results are posted for an event to receive ranking points. If your team has not registered, register now!

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Delmarva Adventure Sports LaurelDEJonathan Offen, Millen HopkinsAndrea Offen, Mackenzie Heinrichs, Dennis Huber, Herb Heinrichs45.00
Checkpoint Zero AshvilleNCPeter Jolles, Michele HobsonSusan Alderman, Allen McAdams, Russ Marshall, Chris VonIns, John Barker25.00
GOALS ARA langhornePABruce Kuo, Glen LewisKevin Mcintyre, Eric Schrading, Becca Weiman, Mark Weiman, Jason Brown, Ann Lombardi25.00
We Will Survive GraylingMIBrenda Carlson-Brown, Joe BrownPhil Shrader25.00
Adventure Enablers WoodbridgeVAGlen Gibson , Jeffrey WoodsMichelle Hobson, Dave Lamb, Susan Alderman, Joe Brautigam, Britt Mason, Chris Meewes24.00
Rootstock Racing PhiladelphiaPABrent Freedland, Abby PerkissBrian Reiss, Jim Driscoll, Tamela Swan, Nicki Driscoll, Joel Ford24.00
Haggis IndianapolisINJim Gordon, Jim Gordon 22.00
untamed new england kingstonNHdave lamb, Jason UrckfitzJesse Tubb, Mindy Fernando, Alex Provost, Jeff Woods, Britt Mason, Joe Brautigam22.00
Chaos Machine BostonMARick Keilty, Cliff WhiteEric Wyler, Kate White, Claire Poulin, Evan Moreshead18.00
Rib Mountain Racing WausauWITim Buchholz, Anna NummelinErik Martinez, Ryan Knitter, Andrea Larson, Mike Garrison10.00